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Part 2

Meanwhile, Back at the lab...

The Assistant makes fun of the head. The Head gets pissed off and summons the thing in the closet who promptly grabs the assistant's arm and rips it right off...

Doc's still crusin' for bodies

Doc meets an old friend who wants to party. Unfortunately she brings along a friend. So doctor herb sits and looks at bikinis

Doc finds a model he likes

Doc visits a model. She blows him off but warms up to him when he tells her he can get rid of her scars.

Takes the lady home for a drink

Doc comes home, discovers his dead assistant, makes a knockout drink, and gives it to the pretty lady

Back down to the good old lab

Doc Herb gets the victim ready for surgery. The head doesn't like the idea and gets vocal so Doc tapes her mouth shut.BIG MISTAKE.

Hell hath no fury like a pinhead monster controlled by a disembodied head!!!

The Pinhead monster breaks out of the closet, attacks the doc and takes a big chunk out of his neck.