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Part 3

Beef's dead so Phoenix gets her big chance. The crowd loves her and so does Swan. She meets up with Winslow on her way to Swans car. Winslow tells her who he is and she replies with "Winslow's dead." Winslow goes back to Swans mansion for the shock to end all shocks.

Phoenix is in bed with Swan! Winslow cannot stand that so he stabs himself in the chest. Download the soundtrack for Winslow's suicide scene (297k .ra file) NEW- Faith and the Muse covering "Old Souls." (783k .rm file)

Swan comes up to the roof and informs Winslow that he cannot die because of his contractual obligation. Swan has to die for Winslow to die. The marriage of Swan and Phoenix live on network television is announced on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Winslow breaks into Swan's video vaults and discovers that Swan's got a Dorian Gray thing going on in video media from an earlier deal with the devil. He also sees a drunken Phoenix signing a contract (name in blood style) with the evil Swan.

After Winslow destroys the tapes Swan's true face shows at the wedding. Winslow saves Phoenix by killing Swan, but that action opens the gaping wound in his own chest.

In what seems to be a last dying gesture, Winslow makes his way across the stage to Phoenix who recognizes him at last but unfortunately it's a bit late for that. Winslow's dead...

Closing credit song (342k .ra file)

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