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Corpse Grinders 1971 (74 min)
Directed by: Ted V. Mikels

Without a doubt, Corpse Grinders is my favorite schlocker of all time. Many have touted it as being so bad that it is so good, but in my eyes it is all good. What is turning cute kitties into ferocious felines? Could it be their consumption of human flesh? (Insert cliched keyboard note) With business bad and the boss-man threatening to shut down production, two cat food businessmen, Landau and Maltby accidentally kill their boss. How do they get rid of the body? They GRIND the sucker along with the cat food in their large CARDBOARD meat grinder! A genius idea which turns out to be a delicacy for cats. Soon the two businessmen turn to Caleb, the kooky weirdo who lives next to a cemetery. Caleb is hired to dig up corpses for material purposes. Down at the factory things are kept hush-hush and all is safe due to a staff consisting of mutes and slimy losers (Political Correctness Way Ahead Of Its Time) Soon the consumption of flesh starts making the cats yearn more and business booms along with a few deaths which are committed by the ferocious felines who look rather confused during their action scenes. With business booming and little money to spare, Landau and Maltby decide to kill street bums instead of paying Caleb top dollar. An ingenious plan and a plausible idea of dealing with the homeless situation. JUST KIDDING!! As the kitties start to attack people, a nurse and a doctor suspect something fishy with the cat food company, so they decide to do some old fashioned snooping which leads them no place. Acting on a hunch, the heavy hootered blonde nurse goes alone to the factory and wanders into trouble. What happens? Does she live? Does she discover the atrocities? Watch the Corpse Grinders and find out.

Doug Brotherton