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Directed by Jonathan Kaplan
Starring Isaac Hayes, Yaphet Kotto, Nichelle Nichols, Annette Chase,  Alan Week, Paul Harris, and Dick Miller
Orion Home Video

Mack "Truck" Turner (Hayes) is an ex-football star who, due to a career ending injury, is working as a skip tracer (bounty hunter) with his buddy, Jerry (Week). The two accept a job from a bail bondsman named Fogarty (Miller) to to apprehend one bad ass pimp who goes by the name of Gator (Harris). After a couple inquiries, scaring a scumbag coke dealer by hanging him out a window, and a hellacious car chase involving a fly pink Lincoln and a hopped up Charger , they finally find their way to Gator's hideout. Gator, being a man who doesn't want to go back to the joint, comes out shooting. After a few dozen bullets, Truck sends Gator to an early grave. We are then taken to Gator's funeral where his partner in the prostitution racket, Dorina (Nichols, yup that's Lt. Uhura!), and the elite of the player community roll up in a dozen superfly rides. Some of the clothes these people wear are just incredible, you have to see it! It's a tender, emotional moment full of unintentional laughs. Now this would seem to be a good time to end the film but Truck's problems have just begun. Dorina gathers a group of the top pimps and offers them a share in her stable of girls to get revenge for the death of Gator.

 Hayes is so damned smooth and does a great job at being one bad mutha. Yaphet Kotto is the ultimate in high class pimpdom as Blue. Scatman Crothers even has a small role as the one pimp that is on Truck's side. Bullets and bodies fly in numbers to rival some of John Woo's films, complete with juicy squibs. The car chase is pure exploitation, with lots of incidental crashes and slow motion. Pacing is what TRUCK TURNER is all about, there isn't a single dull moment in the whole film. The only real flaw that I saw was that every time money was shown in the film it was obviously fake. How hard would it have been to come up with a roll of small bills? I can't imagine how ridiculous the cash would have looked up there on a big drive-in screen. All that is left to be said is that this is a MUST SEE for all fans of the Blaxploitation genre, check it out no matter the cost. You will NOT be disappointed! This is a masterpiece of Blaxploitation, second only to the mighty DOLEMITE.