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Directed by Robert Young
Cast - Anthony Corlan, Adrienne Corri, Lawrence Payne, Thorley Walters, John Moulder Brown, Robert Tayman, Lynne Frederick, Elisabeth Seal, David Prowse, Richard Owens, Lalla Ward

A Serbian village has become a feeding ground for the local Count, who has been abducting children. One villager, who's wife became enthralled with the Count, gathers a group of men and sets out to destroy him. Upon their bloody confrontation with the vampire he sets a curse on the village. 15 years later, the village is now cut off from the outside world as a result of the plague.
From out of nowhere a traveling show called "The Circus Of Nights" arrives in the village. It turns out that the circus performers are vampires and shapeshifters. One of them is the vampire Count's cousin and plans to carry out the curse placed on the village.

Vampire Circus is easily one of the most action packed and bloodiest Hammer films ever made. This film is quite a departure from all the other Hammer efforts. The Count's cousin Emil (Corlan) can turn into a black panther at will. The Gypsy woman who runs the show (Corri) is the reincarnation of one of the villager's wives. These two plot the demise of the villager's children,
in order to revive the Count. There's plenty of eroticism in this movie too. (Translation: good looking nude women). The circus includes your typical strongman, a nasty bastard midget clown, a brother and sister acrobatic act that turn into bats, and a rather strange tigerwoman and trainer act. The climax of the film features one of the most original ways to kill a vampire. To sum it up, this film has it all. It's well directed and makes great use of it's budget effects. Highly recommended viewing for all horror fans!