And it begins?

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And it begins?

Post by Irrylath » Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:40 pm

Some early W.Va. voters angry over switched votes
"When I touched the screen for Barack Obama, the check mark moved from his box to the box indicating a vote for John McCain," said Matheney, who lives in Kenna.
More W.Va. voters say machines are switching votes
"I pushed buttons and they all came up Republican," she said. "I hit Obama and it switched to McCain. I am really concerned about that. If McCain wins, there was something wrong with the machines.

"I asked them for a printout of my votes," Ketchum said. "But they said it was in the machine and I could not get it. I did not feel right when I left the courthouse. My son felt the same way.
and one more from my home state *smacks forehead*

Big Win For McCain in NC
If you vote for the Democratic Party line, it does not register a vote for Obama/Biden. To vote for Obama/Biden you need to vote separately for Obama/Biden even if you voted the Democratic party line.
I'm ass-u-m(e)ing that it's the same deal for the Republicans?? I remember this from when I voted back there. I dunno. Maybe it's a conspiracy or maybe my demo-North Carolinians are just dingbats. :D
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Post by Blonde leading the blonde » Mon Oct 20, 2008 2:41 pm

I guess we all expected it to happen. :(

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Post by skipp666 » Mon Oct 20, 2008 2:49 pm


Originally Posted by Shitcock Jr
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Post by AchimbaProphet » Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:08 pm

The electonic voting system is *much* more fraud prone than the older fraud prone system.
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Post by chicknatas » Mon Oct 27, 2008 10:53 am

DENVER -- Thousands of ballots that went missing were never prepared because of a technical problem, the Denver Clerk and Recorder said Saturday.

More than 11,000 ballots went missing when the vendor in charge of printing the ballots, Sequoia Voting Systems, reported delivering 21,450 ballots to a Denver mail processing facility on Oct. 16, but the U.S. Postal Service said they only received 10,364 ballots that day.

The reason? The person responsible for making sure that this was taken care of was "on vacation" the week it needed to be handle. (as reported on AirAmerica just now)

Please...freakin' ridiculous.

As "technically advanced" as we're supposed to be nowadays you would think they could figure out a system that works nationwide.
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Post by PnDsCm » Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:03 am

They probably could, but elections are controlled at a state and county level.

PBS has had some great presidential retrospectives lately and here's one of my favorite quotes from the one on LBJ:
American Experience wrote:

McCullough: [voice-over] In the tiny South Texas town of Alice six days after the polls had closed, 202 additional votes were reported from Precinct Box 13. When they were counted, all but two were for Lyndon Johnson. When the signatures of the 202 new voters were examined, some say the names were all written in the same ink and listed in alphabetical order.

Homer Dean: I did not notice that they were in alphabetical order, although some of the people who saw it testified later that that had happened.

McCullough: [voice-over] Homer Dean was a 29-year-old attorney working in the Johnson campaign when Coke Stevenson arrived in Alice and demanded to see the voting list locked in the vault of the Texas State Bank. Dean is one of the few people who actually saw the disputed names.

Homer Dean: Well, it did look to me like there had been a change in ink and it looked like 200 or 202 or 203 names had been added to the poll list in a different ink by a different hand. Mr. Stevenson was an outraged man that felt like the election had been stolen from him and he felt like what he'd just seen was evidence of that.

McCullough: [voice-over] Stevenson challenged the election at the Texas State Democratic Convention. It was no use. The Johnson forces were too powerful. When it was all over Precinct Box Number 13 made the difference. Johnson was by 87 votes, but the question of a stolen election remained.
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Post by grandmasterstab » Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:08 pm

don't surprise me

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