23 years ago today

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23 years ago today

Post by Adremelech »

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Post by Six6VI »

I was in 8th grade. I just remember walking into my Art class after lunch and the teacher was crying because of it.

Has it really been 23 years already?! Dayum!

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Post by Project Undead Vish »

I was 4. All the ladies wanted me.
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Post by gunther »

I was in 8th grade and they played it over and over til i didn't care anymore!Hey remember this one...What color were the astronauts eyes?Blue...one blew this way and the other blew that way...
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Post by IRONDICK »

gunther wrote:I was in 8th grade and they played it over and over til i didn't care anymore!Hey remember this one...What color were the astronauts eyes?Blue...one blew this way and the other blew that way...

hehe sick fuck.
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Post by Ciaran »

I was four. I'm sure I was knocking shit over and making a mess with my food.

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Post by AchimbaProphet »

I was in concert band in junior high when the annoucement came over the PA system.
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Post by Project Undead Vish »

Ciaran wrote:I was four. I'm sure I was knocking shit over and making a mess with my food.
You sure about that? I'm 27. Born in 1981... unless 1985 wasn't 23 years ago. I'm drunk... my math might be bad.
Hate the religion and pity the believer.
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Post by DeathFrogg »

NASA = Need Another Seven Astronauts.

Jokes aside, I was on a remodel frame in the Wedgewood area when I heard about it. Boss came to work and told us about it. It really didn't shock me as much as it probably should have. But my pop worked for NASA as a systems engineer for 22 years starting in 1967. We lived in Houston during the first moonshots. Well, actually, a little festering pistule of a suburb called Seabrook, about 10 miles from JSC.

Met several astronauts over the years and more than a few of them and the engineers my pop worked with had already long been staying that it was only a matter of time. The Shuttle was basically a flying bomb and pretty much a piece of shit and a lot of folks wouldn't fly on it.

The goddamn thing was designed back in the 1960s, even before Apollo got off the ground. It didn't really explode so much as it was torn apart by aerodynamic pressure when it went off trajectory as the main tank had a hole burned into it by one of the Thiokol boosters that had blown a seal.

Sad day.

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Post by Evil Red »

5th grade.

I remember watching it over and over at the shitty little trailer my mom was living at when my parents were just getting divorced. Basiclly where Bellis Fair now stands. It was cold that day and the house was freezing.
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Post by Clark Chaos »

I was in High School, watched it live. I ended up in trouble with some others because we cussed in class. I mean, I thought Holy Fuck, was a natural reaction.
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i guess i was in 4th grade or somehting, all i remember is showing up late to class, it was dark and everyone was gathered around the tv in the back of the class room watching the replays I imagine (in montana so not sure what time it was). I remember not giving a shit then, and hey, still don't. Somethings never change.
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Post by Irrylath »

I remember it was elementary school & they brought the tv into the classroom so we could all watch the first teacher go into space. I think we got sent home early.
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Post by soundguy »

The 80's are pretty fuzzy for me, but I was probably in a band house or hotel somewhere. I seem to remember sleeping thru it.

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Post by Oof »

6th grade and at home with the flu.
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Post by Blonde leading the blonde »

17 Years old and really didn't hear about it until I got home. We didn't watch it in class. It was a private school, which made that a little weird. The whole thing was kinda surreal.

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Post by wadruid »

I was 18, in the Army in Karlsruhe, West Germany. I had just gotten off work and walked into the barraks. My roommate had his tv on.
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Post by The Green Manalishi »

18. Visting back in the midwest at my grandparents house, they were gone all day, so by myself, the media must of replayed it a thousand times. Over and over again, so depressing.
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Post by Epytoloh »

I was 4 and don't remember the incident at all. Hey, first post in at least 3-4 years........hmmmm.
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Post by -deathboy- »

i'm in the same boat as pat on this one. i barely remember the 80's. but if it was 86, then i was 17 and prolly on various narcotics.
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Post by Luna C »


Date: Feb. 12 +
Mission: STS-119
Launch Vehicle: Space Shuttle Discovery
Launch Site: Kennedy Space Center - Launch Pad 39A
Launch Time: 7:32 a.m. EST
Description: Space shuttle Discovery launching on assembly flight 15A, will deliver the fourth starboard truss segment to the International Space Station.

Hopefully we won't have a repeat next month....
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Post by imperator_Drakul »

that was brutal as fuck!
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