The Yeardley Love / George Huguely situation. . .

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The Yeardley Love / George Huguely situation. . .

Post by ophidian » Fri May 07, 2010 11:43 pm

Prosecutors have not released a motive yet to the news, but lets face it - the biyotch must have been cheating on him. She was hot (before she was killed) and if or when she gave him the FYI that she was letting some other dude F her harder, longer and better than ol' George could, he more than likely snapped, and just slammed her head into a wall.

George seems like one of those privileged, daddy's boy chumps that are use to getting whatever they want and having their entire lives paid for. All while playing on a cricket team. . . . . seriously, cricket? WTF is up with that. I has to be the most ridiculous sport ever invented. And whoever invented it, must have been smoking a ton of crack when they did. Anyway, it's about as ridiculous as slamming some hot little biyotche's head into a wall because you can't handle the fact that she is taking cock from some other guy.

Anyway you look at the case already, George is screwed - legally, and thats not even taking into consideration, what will happen to a nice, little pretty boy like him when he gets to prison. Bubba is going to have alot of fun with ol' George's man hole once he gets sentenced.

At the end of the day, I really love news stories like this. The court stuff will drag on for months - and there will be some long-ass trial, with alot of commentary and updates on Fox News, CNN, etc etc

But it all comes down to the timeless and simple story of. . . . .

Boy meets girl. Girl puts his cock insider her and makes him feel good. Boy becomes attached, girl tells him she loves him, they spend some time together. Girl gets bored, finds a better deal and a guy that she can actual get off with, and boy gets mad. Next thing you know, a head is getting smashed into the wall.

I'm watching this case closely - I think the defense team should argue: Pheromone Withdrawal Insanity. When she wouldn't let George get down there and get her off anymore, he just lost it.


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Post by DeathFrogg » Sat May 08, 2010 8:54 am


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