I-1068: Free the plant!

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I-1068: Free the plant!

Post by SLAM TV »

Ok, case you didn't know, there is a legalization bill in committee at state level right now. There are three republicans on the committee, 2 who are ex LEOs, who have vowed that it WILL NOT move from committee.

I have never really spammed this board before, but i urge you to sign the I 1068 petition and vote yes if it makes it to ballot.

no shit... they might as well call it "tr00 br00tal kvlt satanic pr0n" or something.

What next?! Catholic Lesbians on a train?

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Post by Project Undead Vish »

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Post by Melissa »

Already signed it. :)
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Melissa wrote:Already signed it. :)
that's my girl! All political and shit!
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