Cephalectomy - Sanity's Final Requiem Video...

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Cephalectomy - Sanity's Final Requiem Video...

Post by Cephalectomy » Mon Sep 19, 2005 5:58 am

Ok...this is my band's attempt at making a no budget music video. (death metal)

You can download the low quality version (encoded as vcd, in mpeg format) at : http://www.cephalectomy.com/Cephalectom ... _Video.mpg

*right click, save target as to save to your harddrive*

or if you'd care to download through my ftp you can grab either the high quality copy (250 megs) or also the one available on the website at the follow address :

IP :
Login : cephalectomy
Password : video
Port : 666

The login and password are case sensitive, so make sure you use all lower case letters.

Any comments are more then welcomed, be it positive or negative, but keep in mind, we know this is low budget and it was purely for fun.


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