Favorite Classical Pieces.

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Favorite Classical Pieces.

Post by HeavyMetalHamster »

I have too many to list, but I'll put my top ten.

1.) Beethoven's 9th Symphony
2.) Mozart's 41st (Jupiter) Symphony
3.) Mozart's Requiem
4.) Mahler's 9th Symphony
5.) Brahm's Requiem
6.) Haydn Symphony #83 in G minor (The Hen)
7.) Purcell Funeral Music for Queen Mary
8.) Beethoven Piano Sonata #23 (Appassionata)
9.) Tchaikovsky Symphony 6 (Pathetique)
10. Telemann Recorder Suite in A minor.
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Post by sharklive6 »

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I don't listen to classical, but I am into Ambient Electronic Chill

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Beethoven's 5th
Fur Elise
Moonlight Sonata
The 1812 Overture
Canon in D
Pictures At An Exhibition
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Post by MaggotExistence »

Chopin - Fantasies
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