Faith No More reunion confirmed

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200 Bucks
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Faith No More reunion confirmed

Post by 200 Bucks »

........but no Jim Martin, but what the hell it's good enough for me. I doubt we will see this come to the states but if one wants to travel now's your chance. ... mID=115122
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Post by Morbid »

Yes yes yes!!!!!!!
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Clark Chaos
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Post by Clark Chaos »

Lame, no big Jim!!!

I saw the first line up in the winter of 84 or 85 at Gorilla Gardens. :)

and plenty of times after that, so I'm good.
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Post by imperator_Drakul »

if it were the complete Angel Dust line-up, I'd probably be interested. IMO, that's only album by them that I think is decent all the way through.
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Post by pimp_randy_mack »

We will see how long this lasts. It kicks to much ass to last long.
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