Buttafüko's Return to Everott

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Buttafüko's Return to Everott

Post by hodgy »

After last week's rock n' roll shenanigans, we'll be crossing to the bad side of Hewitt to Tony V's Garage for yet another massive infusion of Ass-kicking entertainment.
Saturday, March 28- be prepared for new songs, old songs, crowd harrassment, requests, and probably even a Beef Kurtain cover! Hooray.
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Post by Evil Red »

I'm back online and I'll be back in town. Come out and say hi to me too.

/end hijack. ;)
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Post by chief longsac »

Don't forget to buy your raffle tickets for Concussionafuko. The lucky winners get to hit us in the head with an object causing blunt force trauma and then we will try to play the set. It will most likely be better than a normal set.


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Post by imperator_Drakul »

i was there for a little bit, seeing i could sell tickets and other stuff heh,. didnt really see anyone i know other than Rick from the Vortex and the drummer from Kill Closet.
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