Maryland Deathfest 2009 review

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Chris Slack
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Maryland Deathfest 2009 review

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My long-assed review and photos can be found here

Here's the start:
Day 0 (May 21st, 2009)

We left Seattle at 10 PM on May 20th on an oversold flight with a change over in Detroit. I got to my hotel in Baltimore at around 9 AM. Fortunately they had some empty rooms so I didn’t have to wait around for the 4 PM check-in time. Once everything was unpacked we set out in search of alcohol and food. Within one block we found both a grocery store and a liquor store.

The liquor store (Urban Cellars Fine Wines) had a sign saying “Welcome Deathfest” in the window. We bought 2 pints of Absolut (to drink at the fest) and a fifth of cheap vodka to make kamikazes and bloody marys with along with a six pack of Grolsch. The grocery store supplied some donuts and milk. We took our provisions back to the hotel, ate some food then set off walking. Our destinations were Edgar Allan Poe’s grave and his Baltimore house/museum.

Our first mistake on this trip was not bringing along a map to get to our tourist attractions. Once we thought we had gone too far we took a bit of a detour and started asking the locals where Poe’s house (on Amity Street) was. We probably spoke with a dozen people and none of them had a clue, they just kept directing us to his gravesite despite us specifically asking where his house was. We were finally given proper directions by an older man with a nasty set of track marks on his arms. For this bit of information he was rewarded with a cigarette.

On the way to Poe’s house the neighborhoods started looking bad. Rows of brick row houses were the norm, about 50 percent occupied and the rest boarded up. Garbage was everywhere and the only sounds to be heard were occasional shouts and the thumping of rap music bass. Despite the lower standard of living in this particular area everyone we spoke with was kind and pleasant. At least it seemed that way; it could have been the result of 24+ hours without sleep. When we finally got to Poe’s house we were greeted with a sign saying it was closed. At least we found out where it was so we could visit later.
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Evil Red
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Holy crap! That sounds like it was a BLAST! Glad you got to go!
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Great review & pix, Chris!
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