RIP Geri Nahrgang!!

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As I always do, I'll be running a dedication as a prelude to an Age of Mayhem (a show that none of you watch) special this summer featuring-- I think, appropriately, photographer/video director Dean Karr that we shot last last summer. RIP,my friend. We will agree to disagree both in life and beyond.

That being said, I find comfort, based on the earlier posts, that she was so self-aware, even to the end. I am glad she had enough trust in some of you that she felt comfortable discussing her mortality-- dying alone is my greatest fear, might have something to do with it-- but it allows me to find comfort also in having said "thank you" while she was still here among us-- that was all she really ever wanted to hear.

You are missed
no shit... they might as well call it "tr00 br00tal kvlt satanic pr0n" or something.

What next?! Catholic Lesbians on a train?

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I got the news from Lisa a few days ago.

RIP Woman

It's sad really. You move away or leave behind a friend/loved one with the mental impression that they will always still be there the way you left them. To stand corrected with their death is a mortality check that makes you want to find everyone you've loved in life & get in touch again. Sadly, with death you're too late.

Geri will be missed. My memory of her at shows will continue being preserved as if they happened yesterday.
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