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Post by Drew »

The Bit in Ballard just announced this .... ... on-closing

Then we hear from Oak Harbor Tavern ...

"Sorry to say that, due to poor turnouts for live music performances in recent months, we have decided to cancel all shows for November & December. I hope that this doesn't create any hardships for you and I will be in touch if we decide to resume live music at the OHT after the new year."

OHT hasn't been the same since that town opened another "meat market" club and the traffic bailed to the other side of town instead of that club right next door to OHT.

L-A-M-E!! Two of our favorite venues!! Sad.


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Post by MetalGoddess »

The Bit Saloon, "Ballard's Quirky Quality Dive Bar Since 1947," will be closing its doors Nov. 1.

The Bit, located at 4818 17th Ave. N.W., was known for hosting hardcore, punk and metal bands, acts that did not necessarily mesh with Ballard's other music venues.

Owner Ed Konek told the Ballard News-Tribune in March that he was working to take the Bit in a new direction.

"We want to turn it from a real dive bar into a dive bar with a legitimate live music venue," he said.

Into a "legitimate" live music venue??? That's hilarious.
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Post by Morbid »

Played there once... was not a fan of playing, but watching the other two bands was fun. Obviously now that I am 21 this place closes :(
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Post by MaggotExistence »

That fucking blows about the bit. I mean what a great place. True dive of dives, fucking old school too! Really makes me wonder if i have a reason to be in the area anymoore. Oh well back to "tavern" or "the triangle".
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Post by Clark Chaos »

Super Lame
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Post by -deathboy- »

now you guys understand how we felt when the lake union pub closed.
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