East Coast Metal Heads...

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East Coast Metal Heads...

Post by MelissaRWE »

the place I work at just designed this shirt: http://www.rockworldeast.com/store/Meta ... etal_Heads

its for east coasters. but we were thinking of doing one for the west coast metal heads too. What do you guys think? love it or hate it? too much slam dance, not enough satan?

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Post by MaggotExistence »

Ok, im not from the east coast so my opinion may be voided at will. Just my stupid opinion but, i think i would rather represent a band on my shirt than a region. Thats just me, im not the type of person that wears a I love NY shirt or shit like that. So to me the shirt is kinda saying, "look im from the east coast of the united states and i enjoy metal". Now if you guys make a shirt that says "BOMB TIBET" im in. :D
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