A modification or variation on a theme TWAT

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A modification or variation on a theme TWAT

Post by Violence Blood Lestat » Sun Aug 14, 2005 1:19 am

A modification or variation on a theme TWAT
shannon wrote:OH Little Ms. Charlie....'twas a joke. I'm taking my ball and going home :llama:
dr coathanger wrote:It's all good chief, I just couldn't help poking a little fun! :cheers:
Rain de Leon wrote:Lotsa uhhh, uhhhh uuuh-ing!
ZXRO wrote:And the point of this post is???

Oh, I get TWAT. You have a vice-like grasp on the ability to use 3 and 4 syllable words. Good job staying awake in English class. I'm sure the TWAT that you have]

Rain de Leon wrote:I should sell tickets to this thread. [Day Dream Bubble Appears] Charlie, how much does TWAT go for these days? It could probably pay my rent.
enkryaalex1 wrote::D

TWAT not in public.. charlie... i'm too shy.... ha ha.... :D
MuC wrote:TWAT, TWAT, DID SOMEONE SAY TWAT, you cant run you cant hide well keep coming until you die wrap our arms around you and rip you apart sink our teeth into your flesh tear away another meal feasting on flesh...
MuC wrote:TWAT forever in my heart
always in my thoughts
haunting my dreams
i must go before i say to much...
-deathboy- wrote:...a heaping mound of TWAT dripping cunts
wading through the bloody surf
buried alive
deep in the quivering mass are all TWAT swept forth....
in my wet dreams
Syzygys wrote:TWAT LIKE THIS...

TWAT like this Taint, the perspective seen through a Crack
From Gregorian to Futurological, my TWAT
Crazed like this, Rulez the world Necro~
Scratching The Looker Episode 6, TWAT still to Advance
Fazed, in analogue to this Screamed in Futility from Hadesius' Event Horizon
Searing this bone, TWAT yet the Vacuum is Beyond It
Brays like this the Raptor screams
Stabbing it's Claws deep into the Soul
Days, passed until this Amour is Extinguished
The Laser Burned eyes, Crust with ease
Pays, like this Hate Driving the world in Light
Reductionists! Target! TWAT Release! Vanquish 'The Unknown' upon sight
TWAT Lays, like this Diatribe, TWAT a song in Darkness
Vats left stewing will froth and combust!
Im A Little Horny
Tell Me Dear
Caress My Heart
N Hold Me Close 2 U
Please Listen 2 The Story That I Tell
I Know You Tell My Story Well

Im In Your Eyes
Is My Reflection Bleeding Inside This Life Im Living In Your Eyes
I Slowly Start 2 Take It Down Fuck
In Your Eyes Im Born Inside
@ND I Will Be With You In Your Eyes


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