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Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2006 7:27 pm
by Morbid
Clark Chaos wrote:Andy,

I think John can speak for himself.

Don't think anyone cares if he doesn't like Judas Priest.

And a majority of the people in these forums, take a lot of what is written seriously.

The idea is to encourage John to put on the dress and get on stage. :smoke:
I almost wore a skirt drumming once, and me dressing as a chick is to be kept between me and Cara... wait...... ummmmmmmm.............

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2006 7:36 pm
by Jenzy
MetalGoddess wrote:Oh, I beg to differ. I'm sure Jenzy, mtlgrrl & Evil Red will back me up on that one. JG is a damn sexy man. Clark's leads and Hodgy's headbanging are enough to make me cream my jeans, but watching JG perform, oh my!!! :devildoll
I got your back on that one. . . I really love watching JG. . ummm. . . perform. . ya perform that’s what were talking about right. . . and I have to also agree with Clark and Hodge oh and can we add Red to the mix too cuz well he's a hottie as well!!!
MetalGoddess wrote:Leather is NOT gay, but Rob Halford is. Just because you wear leather, it does not mean you are gay. The whole leather thing started because they rode Harleys. There are plenty of bikers who wear leather, like metal, and are NOT gay. You can go up to some burley biker and accuse him of it, if you like.
I have worn leather pants and a leather halter top does that make me gay? Can I be gay, I wanna be gay!! J/K! A man dressed well in leather would make me drool. . .again I say dressed well!
Clark Chaos wrote:Trust me, I would love to do that but they cost money and we can never get a gal to volunteer to be our female counter part to JG.

But I know every one of us in the band would love to have a gal dance on stage with us. More then one would be even better.

Did that once last year for Halloween, had a blast and I’m sure Clark that myself and a few other girls wouldn’t mind getting on stage with the braindead in hot outfits. . . but could you boys handle all those flogs and paddles. . .:devildoll :D ;)