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Oak Harbor fucking Ruled!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 6:17 am
by Clark Chaos
This has been the best gig The Braindead have played in a couple years. The Oak Harbor Tavern knows how to have a great time and we haven't tasted that kind of fun in a very long time. This show hands down beats 90% of the shows we have done in the last 2 years. At least that is how I feel. This was needed after playing to so many stiff crowds in Seattle.

It was a full house, Potty Mouth Society fucking rocks big time, The Skexies have such a hot little singer and a great show to top it and Potbelly (we only caught 1 song beacuse we had to leave) rages and the next show we are planning on staying over on the Island so we don't have to leave.

The crowd at the OHT fucking rules, they just show up to have a killer time, the way it was when I went to shows. Loved hanging out with everyone.

It made me realize what a premadonna I have become and man, it's good to get back to your roots, play with bands who are just having fun and having that feeling like, damn the night is over already.

Thanks Oak Harbor and especially Jason/Potbelly for getting our old asses out of rut and back into the saddle.

Serious, thanks!!!!!!!

Can't wait for the split to come out!!!!!