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Blood: The Last Vampire

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2001 4:39 am
by DylanDog
Have any of you guys checked out this anime movie yet? If not, I highly recommend that you do. My biggest complaint with it was that it was too short. The animation was unreal, almost blurring the line between art and reality at times. But best of all, it's a legitimate HORROR movie! None of that stupid, Vampire Hunter D or Urotsukidoji crap, this one was the real deal. The story is pretty short like I said, but it deals with these people trying to eliminate demons. There's some real terror and some dynamite gore. Short and sweet, but hopefully there's more on the way.

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Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2001 4:26 am
by Latte Thunder
I watched it that day that Sputnik 7 hosted it in it's entirety. The video quality was poor due to streaming format but I liked the movie a lot. It wound up ending abruptly, like Ghost in the Shell so it leads me to think there may be a sequel in the works. Great movie, though. It really broke away from the typical anime look too, which was nice. I've been getting more and more into anime lately, but it was nice to see something that wasn't typical.

I wanted to buy the DVD, assuming it would be cheaper as it was little more than an hour long TV format, but the disc is regular price ($25) and comes with little more than the movie and a couple of cheesy extras like trailers and such.

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2001 5:54 am
by Valgamon
I picked up this DVD (along with my much-anticipated DVD of "Across 110th Street") the other day. I watched all but the last 10 minutes of it, and I was thoroughly impressed. A proper screening will occur this weekend Image

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2001 8:51 am
by Griff [Mola]
Much, much too short. I know it deliberately left us hanging for more but I dunno, it felt like it was missing a third act or something.

I don't get into much anime but this really tickled my tockley in parts and completely shat all over Buffy in the bloodsucking-highschooler stakes (though that comparison may be a bit unjust).

I dunno about the R1 but the Aussie DVD comes with a 20-30 minute making-of in Japanese with English subtitles (and features some of the nerdiest looking Nipponese lads and lasses you're ever likely to see).

More, please.

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2001 10:31 am
by DylanDog
yeah, our version also came with the making of feature. I didn't find it all that interesting, like most anime making of features.

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