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Anchor Bay's OPERA DVD update

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2001 4:32 pm
by Darth Tanner
Just got this email from AB and thought I would post it for those who were interested:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding your "Opera" DVD.

We would like to replace your DVD disc of "Opera " as soon as possible. In order
to do so we need you to return the defective disc. Once we receive the disc at
our fulfillment center we will send you a corrected copy.

Please send the disc only, we do not need the packaging!

Remember to include with the disc your name, address and phone number so we may
send you your new DVD!

Please send the disc and your address information to the following address:

Anchor Bay DVD Return Program
PO Box 3500
2633 Lincoln Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Thank you for your patience and your continued support of Anchor Bay


So not only do I spend money on a defective disc, but I have to spend more money just to send the disc back for a replacement. Wasn't filling out the replacement form with the required info on their website enough? Why should I pay another dime just because they screwed up? Furthermore, what the hell would they need a defective disc for anyway....a coaster? Jeez...what a great company! Just wait and see if I ever buy any of their products again Image

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2001 7:36 am
by Griff [Mola]
Chuck, just out of curiosity, did you purchase the 'limited edition'? I'm thinking that maybe they're asking for discs from people who haven't provided an issue number since they can't verify your purchase othewise.

Still, the least they could do is re-imburse you with an 'ANCHOR BAY - Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em' sticker.

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2001 8:07 am
by Chris Slack
Don't send it back Chuck. Myself and others mailed them yesterday after getting that mail, now they have this on their site:

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another experimental subject..." -Mesa of Lost Women

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Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2001 9:08 am
Christ,what's with these people? They seem intent on causing more trouble with this release,than it deserves.

Wherever you go,there you are.

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2001 8:51 pm
by I am 138
When they released Return of the Blind Dead, on the back of the box, they just copied the print info from Tombs, so it said it was a spanish language, subtitled release, when it was dubbed. The very WEIRD bit was that they also copied the info for Mark of the Devil, so that said it was also in Spanish. This was fuckin' odd, since it was a German language film!

Also, they've fucked up virtually every Romero release since their excellent Night of the LIving Dead. I can't remember what was wrong with Martin, but The Crazies actually utilizes a print of lesser quality than the old release, and at points the Anchor Bay version loses sink. And Dawn of the Dead is falsly letterboxed.

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Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2001 4:27 am
by Darth Tanner
Thanks for the heads-up Chris. I look forward to hopefully getting this before Halloween.

Yeah Griff, I purchased one of the Limited Editions of OPERA from my local Best Buy. I even gave them the issue number on the form. Well at least they are doing the right thing by sending the replacements out at their expense. If I did have to pay for sending it back, a $5 or $10 gift certificate towards the purchase of another Anchor Bay title would be more fitting. BTW Griff, does that free replacement extend to you guys Down Under as well?

The whole problem is that this was one release I was really looking forward to and AB screwed it up big time. Not only that, but they didn't even bother to provide a track listing for the soundtrack CD (same deal with SUSPIRIA). This goes with the fact that they constantly announce titles then cancel them when they can't obtain the rights. Then when you add this latest fiasco, I'm starting to think of Anchor Bay less favorably. IMO Synapse leaves them in the dust when it comes to quality control(not to mention that they also produce some killer discs).

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2001 4:42 am
by Griff [Mola]
Say, what's the latest on this one? I hear v2.0 has hit the streets. Anyone recieved their replacements yet?

Nah, the sit-back-and-relax-while-the-replacement-disc-gets-sent-out-to-you deal doesn't work for us detestable foreigners. So, I filled out their form and put in the details of a Canadian contact of mine. As of yet, he hasn't heard from them. I'm starting to get nervous.

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2001 8:01 am
by Chris Slack
I haven't gotten mine yet Image

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2001 12:45 pm
by DayGlowAbortion
I have mine. No Problems,so far.

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2001 12:31 am
by Darth Tanner
Well I finally got an email from them yesterday telling me my replacement disc had been shipped first class. But they said that "due to recent tragedies involving the U.S. Postal Service" it could take 10-15 days to get to me. I just hope it doesn't take that long Image Anyone else have any luck yet?

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2001 12:23 pm
by Chris Slack
I got my e-mail today... the wait continues. On a related note it seems that people have been getting a free copy of Supergirl with their replacement DVD. We'll see what happens.

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2001 2:42 pm
So do you guy's think it's worth it to get the limited edition for a soundtrack CD? I might just get the regular edition. It has all the features of the limited.(minus CD)

Wherever you go,there you are.

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2001 2:57 pm
by Chris Slack
It's worth it to me as I am a big fan of Eurohorror soundtracks and doesn't cost much more than the normal version..

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2001 12:02 pm
by Chris Slack
I got my replacement disk today along with a copy of "Moonlighting, The Pilot". Guess they're trying to get rid of some back stock Image

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2001 10:49 pm
by I am 138
You should probably send that bonus back...

"Anarchy means crossing when it says 'Don't Walk'" - TISM

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2001 6:00 pm
by Darth Tanner
Well mine finally came today and it seems to play OK so far. I have to say that it is nice to finally see a nice widescreen print of this in pristine condition. This great quality on this alone more than makes up for the 2-month wait.

Oh yeah....I also got the pilot episode of MOONLIGHTING as a bonus <snicker>. Actually, I have never seen this series so I guess now would be a good time since it won't cost me anything anyhow. Even if I don't like it, I'm sure I can get a few bucks for it on Ebay Image

Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2001 9:42 pm
by Mike B
So, does anyone know if it's now safe to buy a copy in a store? Did they recall those ones too, or am I gonna wind up buying one and having to mail in for the replacement disc anyway?

I've held off buying a copy in the hopes I could get a non-defective one the first time around...

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2001 2:43 pm
by DylanDog
Moonlighting used to be my favorite show when I was kid. I haven't seen it in years though so I can't say how well it'll hold up.

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2001 4:31 pm
After all the Bullshit with Anchor Bay,I've picked Opera LE(Ver 2.0) up with the Suspiria LE. And the Hong Kong Cat 3 shocker There's Something In My Soup. Watch the AB discs not play, now.

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Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2001 4:52 pm
by Griff [Mola]
Well, after no confirmation e-mails, nothing, and a lot of empty-handed nightmares, my Canadian contact finally recieved the replacement disc yesterday. I figure I'll let him keep the Moonlighting disc for his troubles...

Yeah, its apparently safe to pick up OPERA from the stores now. Just make sure its got V2.0 on the packaging and a red O on the disc.