Exhumed Films Killer Kristmas Double Feature!

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Exhumed Films Killer Kristmas Double Feature!

Post by bruce h » Mon Dec 03, 2001 4:52 pm

Friday, December 14th – Exhumed Films Killer Kristmas Double Feature!

It looks as though our pals at Exhumed Films in NJ have one of their patented supershows lined up for the Holidays this year - an appropriately slotted Killer Kristmas double feature featuring two Slashin’ Santa favs: Silent Night, Deadly Night and the original 70s Tales From The Crypt!

Silent Night, Deadly Night can be remembered by kids from my generation as the one that caused ALL the ruckus growing up – I can still vividly recall watching the news and seeing protesters standing outside of theatres when this flick made it’s first rounds. Years later I finally rented it to see what the hubbub was all about and found it to be a reasonably fun slasher in which Linnea Quigley gets impaled on deer antlers. Or something. It’s been a while, sue me.

Tales From The Crypt was an old TV standby, and the Prism tape was a nice addition to my collection until this whole DVD revolution came along (I quickly threw it into the “For Sale Or Trade” pile, sure that a disc would eventually get a domestic release. I’m still waiting.). It’s a rare bird, an all-star anthology film that works, and I still find the bit with the fellow being chased down the hallway incredibly wince inducing. And, fittingly, there’s the homicidal Santa Claus bit starring Joan Collins.

I wasn’t able to make it to the last few Exhumed shows (including the Italian Horror All-Nighter and the Blaxploitation Double Feature) but I plan on going out of my way to attend this one, and I suggest everyone who reads this message do the same. It’s an easy drive from MD, PA, DE, NY, and NJ, and it’s definitely worth the trip. All screenings are of original 35mm prints along with plenty of cool trailers, and the theatre has nice comfy stadium seating, decent food, and HUGE drinks. The guys also sell import DVDs in the lobby, so bring some xtra cash (for a sampling of what they’ll be selling check out their site at www.diabolikdvd.com ).

Friday, December 14th at the Hoyt’s Theatre in Pennsauken, NJ.
The doors open at 10:30, the show starts at 11 (I’ll believe it when I see it…).
Admission is $8.

For more information and directions to the theatre check out Exhumed’s site at www.exhumedfilms.com

Miss it and "Yule" be sorry...

- bruce holecheck
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