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Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2001 1:27 pm
I was in Chinatown a couple days ago and came across Facez of Death 2000 and it's two sequels,on vcd. They're Japanese vcds and are in english, with chinese/japanese subtitles.They're about 50-70 minutes long. Obviously continuations of the original Faces of Death series,but I figured they were the Traces of Death series,repackaged.(I assumed no one else made them anymore.) But I can't find any indication of that on the boxes.They don't have the Dead/Alive company name listed anywhere. Any thoughts on their origin? Seems the Japanese are still making these things.

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2001 9:21 pm
by gothbat
I rented a movie called Facez Of Death (might have been spelled Deth, not sure) a while back. I remeber it was from Dead Alive Productions. It wasn't that good, only really worth buying if your really into real-death movies or if they are cheap. I'm not sure but I think theres is a different Faces Of Death 2000 series from Japan that has nothing to do with the Dead Alive one out there. Also, I have a Jap. VCD of Traces Of Death IV but mine lists only Dead Alive Productions as the Executive Producer, it doesn't have the logo or anything. The company that made the VCD was Ocean Shores Liscensing Unlimited. Hope this helps.


Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2001 11:27 am
No,but Thanks anyway. There was no Ocean Shores listing on the bx, that I can recall. Unless it was in the credits? I think this new series might be Empire of Madness, repackageed.