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David Austin
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Post by David Austin » Tue Oct 07, 2003 12:41 am

Hey John,

The US Lion's Gate Entertainment release of IRREVERSIBLE is completely uncut and nasty as all get out.
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Post by ROBERT » Tue Oct 07, 2003 1:34 am

Yes it is David. But the Canadian Alliance Atlantis version is uncut and has most of the extras on the French release. Including a short film by the director. Behind the scenes stuff, and such. I'm not a fan of this film. I thought it was a too gimmicky(the reverse storytelling) way to sell what is essentially a cut and dried exploitation film. Too many pretentions.But for those who really like it, and want a deluxe version with all the trimmings,at a good cost, it's here,,, or Look for the Alliance Atlantis label.
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