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Mulholland Drive

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2001 7:58 pm
by Scott
I've seen a number of David Lynch flicks, but this has got to be way off the charts. I left the theatre shaking my head. What the hell? This had to be the most confusing Lynch film I've seen. I do know that trying to make sense of a Lynch film is like trying to mix oil and water. I'll have to watch this one again. Still a fine piece of work though. I'm curious as to what anyone else thought of it. Image

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2001 4:07 am
by Latte Thunder
still haven't seen it. No one is running it locally. I'm waiting patiently for video.

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2001 11:12 am
by FOG
SPOILERS!!!! (I guess)

This movie was the same deal as Lost Highway, someone in love with someone else spends half the movie in a dream world trying to escape from the reality that the person they love doesn't love them back.