Spanish Film

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Spanish Film

Post by poopoo » Sat Dec 29, 2001 3:41 pm

Hey you guys,

A new movie is coming out that I heard was really good, its called the Devils BackBone
Its a Spanish film, but that doesn't make it any less scary. Its coming out December 31. And there's even a contest where they are giving out autographed stuff. Its @


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Griff [Mola]
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Post by Griff [Mola] » Sun Dec 30, 2001 2:39 am

Is that you, Sloth?

Yeah, its a Guillermo del Toro flick. I'm expecting good things from this guy, given the right project. He's actually got me kinda looking forward to BLADE 2, which is no mean feat since I didn't find the first one particularly compelling.

Nice nick, by the way...

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Post by fantomas » Sun Dec 30, 2001 9:34 am

yeah i really am looking forward to seeing the movie because of del toro. i also read a review over at, and that has gotten me even more excited.

if you want even more info "poopoo", then i suggest you check out, it's a pretty good start.

looking forward to dec 31 for another reason now!


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Post by ROBERT » Sun Dec 30, 2001 3:25 pm

I saw The Devil's Backbone at the Toronto Film Festival. It's the absolute BEST genre film of the year. A haunting Ghost story set in pre World War 2 Spain. EVERYTHING about this film is top notch. Acting,sets,characterizations,Direction.You name it.The special effects with the child ghost being surrounded by bubbles,while haunting the orphanage, (where the film is set,) is very effective.I'm not going to reveal anymore than I already have.Discover it for yourselves,less you know the better. It's a must see.
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