Jason X - not as bad as you think

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Jason X - not as bad as you think

Post by Latte Thunder » Fri Jan 11, 2002 4:24 am

I managed to pick up a VCD of the pre-MPAA cut of this movie just out of curiosity. It sounded like Cunningham wasn't taking his monster so seriously anymore and putting him into space was interesting enough to draw me into a series I haven't given a shit for since I was in junior high. Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. As a matter of fact, it was a pretty fun movie.

Put a couple of of beers into you and a couple of friends and put it on and it makes for good entertainment. I'm sure you've heard the plot.

In the not too distant future, the military has managed to capture and hold Jason in a research facility on the grounds of Crystal Lake. The plan is to put him into stasis and hold him there so he can't do anymore damage, but the military has a different plan, of course. As you might have guessed, Jason breaks free and raises hell in the facility (and somehow manages to find a machette in the process). One clever scientist lures him into the cryo room, gets him in the chamber and closes him in. But an error puts the entire room in lockdown and freezes the whole thing.

Cut to the future.

It would seem the Earth is wasteland and everyone lives off planet. A student group of Anthropologists just screaming to get killed discovers the cryo room, the scientist and Jason. The rest of the movie turns into one big Aliens rip off minus the cool colonial marines.

I have to credit Toybox, the crew who did the FX. They're pretty sharp considering they had little money to work with.
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Post by Derek » Fri Jan 11, 2002 7:04 pm

i wanna see this movie so bad, i'm like the biggest Friday the 13th fan.