Been watching serious crap lately....

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Been watching serious crap lately....

Post by DylanDog » Sun Jan 06, 2002 5:04 pm

How is it that I can get away with ignoring/dissing all the new movies that the rest of you like, yet then I spend the last week or so watching this nonsense?:

Incubus-The early 80's flick about the legendary creature fucking people up in a small town. I actually liked it more than I thought I would. Every review I'd every read said it was terrible. But it was based on a Ray Russel story so it couldn't have been all bad plus much to my delight who should put in a surprise appearance but a pre-Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson! Very cool.

Mortuary-A friend of mine apparently really likes this movie, although I'm not too sure why. It was really pretty damn lame, and Bill Paxton sucked in it.

I Dismember Mama-I highly recommend this peice of crap! Truly hilarious. After breaking out of the nuthouse this guy heads home to kill his mom. The cops take mom to a second house hoping to avoid him. The housekeeper stays behind with no other cops there. One cop says to the other "shouldn't we go guard the first house?" He's told they'll go back the next day. Of course, housekeeper is already dead and her child kidnapped (and the scenes between the killer and the little girl are pretty uncomfortable. You'll see.) Now the only thing I can think is that they simply couldn't afford the extras to play cops to stay at the first house b/c it was the stupidest piece of police work I've ever seen in a movie. Ridiculous and the movie is filled with crap like that (like the time the phone waited a full 10 seconds to ring while the cast had a dialogue, does ANY phone take that long?)

The Mutilator-Talk about your barebones plot. Kids go to a beachhouse and get killed. There was some decent gore though, and the themesong was tops! LOL If you've heard you know what I mean, it was the most inappropriate music I've ever seen in a slasher flick.

The Truth About Demons-This one actually wasn't terrible, but there was nothing special about it either. I think the only "truth" about them that's revealed is that they are real. Whoopee...The whole movie seemed like just competent fluff.

Why did I watch, much less post about this stuff? Who the hell knows.....

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Post by I am 138 » Sun Jan 06, 2002 8:30 pm

I think I got you beat...

Trashfiend (ex-GICK!) is going to do a Blaxploitation issue (should it get picked up for proper distribution and get to issue #3, that is) so I just watched Sugar Hill and Dr. Black and Mr. Hyde....


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Post by T.Luster » Mon Jan 07, 2002 12:20 am

I just watched the budget DVD of THE BRAINIAC on Sunday. The film print has a dropout! This is a fun crap film,and I'd like to thank out host for turning me onto this title,a few years ago.

I like THE MUTILATOR,but yeah...that soundtrack is rather odd.

~Dark Knight~

Post by ~Dark Knight~ » Tue Jan 15, 2002 11:01 pm

I have to chime in here and state (Confess?) that The Mutilator is the truest definition of a guilty pleasure for me. I mean I really love this flick. Though I honestly don't expect anyone else to. Still think it has one of the best tag lines ever used. The title of the film all through production was actually Fall Break. Which might help clear up the song some.