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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2004 10:08 pm
by Remo D
I'm not going to spend much time explaining/defending why I'm posting about this movie on this board. We've got dementors (black-cloaked wraiths that can suck the soul from your body), we've got a werewolf, and we've got more scary stuff where they came from.

And folks, if the HARRY POTTER series continues to be as faithful to the spirit of the books as they've been so far, we're in for some particularly grim and nasty business in the future!

In the meantime, new director Alfonso Cuaron turns out to be an excellent choice to take over from Chris Columbus, Michael Gambon does well by Dumbledore, and Emma Thompson and (especially) Gary Oldman are terrific additions to the cast.

No apologies. I'd be reading the books even if I didn't have children to read them aloud to, and I'd be seeing the movies even if I were single and unattached. This is top-drawer fantasy material that doesn't shy away from the dark side--and the high standards have been maintained here.

Trouble brewing in the future, though... the next two books are both long enough to require two movies to do them right... they're going to have one hell of a time pulling off the climax of GOBLET OF FIRE and keeping the family audience at the same time... and the sixth book (out of seven) might not even be out by the time the fifth movie is done... but time will tell.

There's nothing whatsoever "childish" about seeing HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN. I even did it twice.

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2004 10:13 pm
by Kimberly
I haven't read the books... but I've seen the other two and loved them. I thought this entry was the best so far... pretty dark stuff. I couldn't believe it was only PG!!

Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 5:12 am
by DylanDog
I've never read the books nor seen the movies. But a friend of mine writes a blog and recently tackled the subject of "Quidditch" in it. If you are interested:

Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 6:26 am
by Latte Thunder
I read the first book after my wife insisted that I check it out. I'd avoided them for so long because of the massive marketing blitz that took place a few years ago, but what a fool I'd been. If you ask me, these are going to be books with lasting appeal for generations to come. Kids today will be reading it to their children when they have them and their kids will read to their kids. I seriously think that Harry Potter is as important a series as Narnia or I'd even go so far as to say that they're as important as the Lord of the Rings books. Once I get done with this Hyperion book, I'll get to the rest of the Potter books.

As for the movie, I really liked it a lot. My complaint with the previous two was that the movies are long and still cram so much into that space that it feels like they're rushing through it and missing the nuance of the books. They're still good, though. This one was the best of the three, though, by a long shot.

My favorite part of the entire movie was the tasteful use of CGI where the last two movies looked and felt like they were shot entirely on a green screen stage. Prisoner of Azkaban is a tangible movie, it feels like somewhere you could actually go since much of the sets are physical structures. The tone was also much darker and the fight between the two wolves was very, very cool.

and Gary Oldman was really awesome. The new Dumbledore is also almost indistinguishable from the old one. I'd also never noticed before, but the mythology that Rowling ties into her stories is real, old european folklore. There was the white stag, the Black Shuck (the grin), Boggart and something else I'm forgetting. But she seems to do a lot of reading up on old folklore.

Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 12:17 pm
by MuC
this is the only one ive had an interest in seeing...sounds like its good fun...

Posted: Sat Jun 12, 2004 7:22 pm
by FOG
Harry Potter rules.

Posted: Sun Jun 13, 2004 3:49 am
by behindspace
gary oldman rules.

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2004 9:10 pm
by MattV
Originally posted by behindspace
gary oldman rules.

Fuck yea he does. Ruled as Dracula and He ruled as Beethoven!

Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2004 5:15 pm
by I am 138
The movie didn't make any sense. My wife says that the book makes more sense, but couldn't remember why, exactly.

I liked it better than the other two, but still thought it got a bit slow at about one hour in.

And that is the worst werewolf ever! The one in the film within a film in Howling III was better!