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Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2004 1:01 pm
by aphrodite
ok... remember now, this is just my opinion....

1. Yellow and red paint (literally thick, bright primary colored paint) for blood.

2. terrible acting. Seriously terrible. The two brothers are just awful.

3. Girl that is actually guy that turns into girl to have sex with men and kill them to become slaves for the other world.

4. underdeveloped story about this other world. All of a sudden the gruesome midgets that are killing people are actually slaves bottled up to serve in another universe.

5. you never find out why the ugly midget slaves are killing humans.

6. rediculous unexplained orb that drills skulls

7. finger of dude that turns into flying mini monster.

8. rediculous "battle" that ensues w/ the mini monster.

9. Super corny into monologue

10. None of it ties together or makes any sense.

I never said it was bad... just cheesy. It made me laugh. Horror movies aren't supposed to make you laugh at the "scary" parts.