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Posted: Sat Sep 25, 2004 4:41 pm
by Remo D
What? Expecting a header more clever than that? This movie doesn't deserve that much attention.

You probably know the drill from the trailer. Julianne Moore is mourning her nine-year-old son... only now evidence of his very existence is vanishing before her eyes, and the whole world seems to be telling her that she never had a son--that she created him psychologically and she's just now feeling the results of her therapy.

But if THAT were all there was to it, we'd have no movie. And we SHOULD have had no movie, considering where this goes. I understand that the TV spots are already starting to blow it? Desperately seeking attention?

Once the indestructible T-1000 type shows up...

Yeah. Nothing but a leftover X-FILES script or something like that. Shadow conspiracy. Everyone's in on it. We never learn all the details, but we get the IDEA.

Normally, this would be a "continued next week" sort of deal. Or hell, a story thread for a whole season. But they've got to wrap the movie up somehow, and they come up with the least satisfying rendition possible. Huh? But how did they get back there? Why is HE still around? How could that have happened, even if they really were.... oh, screw it.

Joseph Ruben (THE STEPFATHER, TRUE BELIEVER) is no slouch as a director, and he even manages one of the best jolts of the year (why are the best jolts this year in all the mediocre movies like TAKING LIVES, anyway?). Trouble is, you catch on to the pattern, and you start anticipating when you're supposed to jump. And most of the audience still did. But you probably won't. Because you probably won't even GO, right?

No great loss.

No loss at all.

Posted: Sat Sep 25, 2004 7:24 pm
by impetigo-on-the-brain
Well fuck that then.....wasn't gonna see it anyways!