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Mike B


Post by Mike B » Thu Aug 08, 2002 4:34 pm

Wow, I go away for a while and come back to find this spiffy new board.

So, how the hell is everybody? I got a copy of the Premutos DVD the other day (it's a review copy)--anyone else check it out yet? I haven't had a chance...

Mike B.

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Chris Slack
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Post by Chris Slack » Thu Aug 08, 2002 8:33 pm

Welcome back! I thought the board needed a facelift and got some nice folks to pay for the software for me so what the hell :)

Haven't checked out the "Premutos" DVD yet, be sure to post your thoughts here once you get around to viewing it.
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Mike B

Post by Mike B » Thu Aug 08, 2002 11:09 pm

Yeah, the facelift is nice--the email notification for responses is cool, too.

I'll post my thoughts on Premutos as soon as I watch it. Should get around to it tomorrow, hopefully. I haven't seen it before--the bootleg I bought was in German and I just didn't really have the patience for that.

Mike B.

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Latte Thunder
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Post by Latte Thunder » Fri Aug 09, 2002 5:59 am

hey Mike! It's been some time...

Is that DVD subbed finally?
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bruce h
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Post by bruce h » Fri Aug 09, 2002 10:57 am

The PREMUTOS DVD doesn't have subtitles, contrary to what I was initially told by the head of Shock-O-Rama. It does, however, contain a goofy English dub track done by J.R. Bookwalter and pals.
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Mike B

Post by Mike B » Fri Aug 09, 2002 10:58 am

Hey Latte, good too see that all the old familiar faces are still around.

According to the packaging, the film is offered in an uncut English dubbed version and the Original German version. It doesn't say if the German version is subtitled, though.

Of course, the back of the box also says that the case contains a full color collectible booklet, which was nowhere to be found. Unless, of course, they were talking about the full color flyer advertising some of their Seduction Cinema releases...

Mike B.