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Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 11:05 pm
by Remo D
You know--the two-parter that was just on. Previews hyping Donald Sutherland (the ship's captain) and William Hurt (Frankenstein's teacher). Creature: Luke Goss. Frankenstein: Alec Newman. Director: Kevin Connor.

I certainly can't say anything bad about the acting, production values, what have you. And yeah, this one's pretty darn faithful to the novel (with an extra emphasis on dog killing in both halves, for some reason).

But here's the thing. The Dan Curtis TV movie was also faithful. So was the Swedish film VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN (aka TERROR OF FRANKENSTEIN). And, embellishments notwithstanding, so were the Randy Quaid version for TNT and the Branagh/DeNiro extravaganza.

In short... I KNOW the story, okay? Was another rendition utterly necessary? Played like the book, this simply has nothing new to offer. While it's not true that when you've seen one FRANKENSTEIN, you've seen them all, it's not terribly far removed from the truth to suggest that when you've seen one FRANKENSTEIN that tries to be faithful to the original novel...

...okay. Seen none of the above? Rent the DVD (hell, it'll be out in two weeks) and you'll see a pretty good FRANKENSTEIN, and Luke Goss is especially noteworthy as the Creature. It's a "good" production. Just not an essential one.

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2004 7:39 am
by stypees back
Frankly I'm tired of these adapations because they are getting just that "tired". While I liked the style of Copolla's (fuck did I spell his name wrong?), I found it a little pretentious and also heard rumors that his nephew or cousin shot most of the flick.

I like the little spins on the classics, like Warhol's (which was only in name) and the explotation (Blacula) and I even dug the Badham version of "Dracula" but enough is enough, I agree whole heartedly.. I need a spell chack.

I still can't get over DRACULA THE MUSICAL, what the fuck? I can't take more of this shit. In a month or two DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS (yeah, fucking spelling) is hitting broadway, as a MUSICAL and lets not forget CARRIE (though my curiousty to see that still stirs).. Broadway is even starving for ideas. That's disturbing. I say lets go HARDCORE, I want to see some serious sick shit on stage. Show me CALIGULA THE MUSICAL, how about DAY OF THE DEAD THE MUSICAL or even NEKROMANTIK THE MUSICAL which can basically be condensend from both films. Since I HATE musicals at least that'd pick something of an interest. Fuck, they did EVIL DEAD as a musical, let's sell out completely.

How the hell did I go from MUSICALS to exhaustive remakes?

Fuck it's early, too much Vicodin, no, not for getting high, nasty spinal problem.

I got shit to do.. I waste too much time with psycho babble.

I need more coffee...

Posted: Fri Oct 08, 2004 2:09 pm
by shawn
Fuck, I missed it. I had intended to watch that one. Well I assume it will be on dvd in the near future, I'll be sure to check it out...

As for the Branagh/DeNiro Frankenstein, you know, I really liked that film, yet everyone I talk to seems to loathe it...

Posted: Fri Oct 08, 2004 5:06 pm
by Remo D
They're repeating it tonight (Friday)--both parts in a row.

And yes, the DVD will be out before the end of the month.

Let me know what you think.

And you're not alone--I happened to LOVE the Branagh/DeNiro Frankenstein film where I couldn't stand the Coppola Dracula.

Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2004 5:50 pm
by Gorified
I caught the first half of the movie last week. I was a bit surprised. I thought they did a great job. I havent seen very many Frankenstein movies (maybe 2) so, a flick like this was great for me. Maybe that's part of the driving force behind doing something that has been done before....there's probably a lot of people that will see this one being only the first or second Frankenstein movie they've seen.

Now I need to catch the last half..... :(