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Seed of Chucky

Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2004 7:41 pm
by Remo D
You've all heard someone describe something as fascinating... as in a train wreck... it's horrible, but you just can't look away from it?

NO BETTER EXAMPLE exists than this little wonder.

Just to bring you up to speed with my reactions--I enjoyed the first CHILD'S PLAY as a "gimmick" thriller. Nothing special in the story, but it was well-crafted enough to hold up as a fun time at the movies--the enthusiasm was contagious.

2 and 3? Too much we didn't need--still, there were some good grisly bits (especially the finale of 2 with a gory (doll) hand removal just for me, at least.

And while not everyone agreed, I thought BRIDE OF CHUCKY was one of those rare sequels that outdid the original--I loved what Ronny Yu did with the series and thought the laughs and the horror material were almost perfectly balanced.

And now this. They just HAD to push it.

SEED OF CHUCKY looks to have been "conceived" by a collective of friends that got drunk or high one evening--they laughed themselves sick over the story they came up with and were utterly convinced that audiences coast to coast would share in the hysteria.

The baby from the first film has grown into a young child doll known by his "ventriloquist" captor as Shitface. "He" is troubled by violent nightmares, incontinence and severe gender confusion and would love to meet his parents. Enter an episode of "Access Hollywood."

Long story short--an escape is made, and an incantation over two animatronic "Chucky" and "Tiffany" constructions created specifically for a movie somehow causes them to come to life as the real things. Wow! They're parents! We need a new name... is he... GLEN OR GLENDA??!!

John Waters is very funny ("A masturbating midget?"). They blew the Britney Spears lookalike business in the trailer ad infinitum. Jennifer Tilly and Redman aren't afraid to portray themselves as career sluts and/or scumbags. The effects are as fine as ever, and Brad Dourif is having a grand old time as Chucky, no doubt about it. But did anyone think for a minute that this would even TRY to be scary? Even a little bit? Just once?

The thing is, this "clever" Hollywood self-mockery is almost too stupid for words--and attempts to gross us out with every gynecological, come-dripping detail are a little too late... we already saw the opening title sequence to LOOK WHO'S TALKING, and TEAM AMERICA was the final word in puppet sex.

Oh, sure--there are any number of individual bits that are good for laughs. I was partial to Tiffany's "Step Nine" atonement phone call. I'm sure the filmmakers thought they were being this genuinely clever throughout the entire film, too. But I can't adequately describe what you're really going to get out of this.

The very idea that this got a mainstream saturation release (hidden from the critics though it was) is truly mindboggling. But if you start watching this thing, you aren't likely to look away, either.

Your move.

Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2004 9:59 pm
by MuC
pure mindless fun...thats about all i can say...

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 9:51 am
by putriddivinity
Pointless crap movie. I was very dissapointed, I knew the story was going to be terrible but, at least have a lot of brutal murders, they killed like only 3-5 people in the whole film. Shame, shame on the story writers and filmmakers for creating this film.

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 11:36 am
by MaggotExistence
Im gonna agree that at least 93% of this movie blew polar bear balls.

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2004 10:52 am
by Kimberly
I thought it was just lots of fun... in the ol' check your brain at the door kind of way.

One word to describe the movie...