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Blood Feast 2: All U can Eat,SPOILERS

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2002 7:37 pm
Speaking of the return of the gore film, this sequel/remake of the H G Lewis cult classic screened tonight in my city. It was a workprint with a shit scratch soundmix,so might be a little different when it reaches the video stores. It's a modernized remake of the original with Fuad Ramses Jr, the grandson of the original, taking over for grandpa. It begins with a cheesy gore murder and Fuad Ramses relocating to sunnier climes. It actually follows the plot of the original quite closely.Emphasizing the campy,comedy elements of the original.Bad acting, stupid as shit cops. With a few modern twists, like a slumber party gathering, with topless chicks.A different ending,with an old obnoxious crone, getting it. The gore effects range from pretty crude prosthestics invloving obvious molds of actresses, juxtaposed with pig entrails, to an effective eye gouging, to a standout throat slashing. It contains cameos by Dave Friedman and John Waters which improve things a bit. A gore comedy that's a tribute to the first, with few surprises.Not bad, at all.