White Noise... well, there's plenty of it!

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Remo D
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White Noise... well, there's plenty of it!

Post by Remo D » Sat Jan 08, 2005 5:47 pm

I won't bother rehashing the premise (not to mention the hype) for this one, but I WILL tell you that I caught the NON-electronic version several years ago. When it starred Kevin Costner and was called DRAGONFLY.

Really! It's the same thing! His pregnant wife vanishes, and then all sorts of supernatural goings-on keep plaguing him until he's convinced that the missus is trying to TELL him something (but is completely incapable of simply spelling it out, of course).

Well, THAT wasn't much of a horror film, but it wasn't a bad little movie on its own, I admitted at the time. Now apparently the makers of WHITE NOISE took that comment to heart and tried to make the "horror" version of DRAGONFLY, using the EVP craze (is it a craze, or is it just the hype for this movie) for the new framework.

Horror? Yeah--it's PG-13, but it's significantly more graphic. Scary? ONE excellent jump and a lot of others that you can see coming far, far away.

Coherent? Oh, Lord, where to begin...

I'm serious about WHITE NOISE ripping off DRAGONFLY (figuring, probably correctly, that almost nobody SAW it)--right down to the missing wife being pregnant. Except it MEANT something in DRAGONFLY--right down to the ending (call it sentimental, but it worked). Here, it's an extra detail that means absolutely NOTHING. And if you want to talk about utterly UNsatisfying endings, look no further than WHITE NOISE. I can't go into detail without getting into heavy spoilers... but some of the apparitions seem to be evil spirits, some are trying to be nice, and plenty of them aren't even dead... yet. There seem to be demons at work in the world, but there also seems to be... well, here's a hint--they don't have the skill to truly mislead the viewer, so they resort to blatantly CHEATING by showing flashbacks of certain events that turn out to NOT have taken place at all.

WHITE NOISE is watchable enough as it progresses--but you won't leave this one on a good note, and the more you think about it, the more likely you are to wind up hating it.

And here comes ALONE IN THE DARK next. Can't wait.
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Post by aphrodite » Mon Jan 10, 2005 8:44 am

Yeah... terrible. I couldn't help but laugh. The movie was a total disappointment, but I had a super fun day anyway!
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Post by Kimberly » Fri Jan 14, 2005 8:29 am

We went to see it last night...

It's not something I'll watch again but it was okay for an on vacation what should we do at 10 at night kinda flick...

I think had they trimmed about 20min off the film and tightened up the story a bit... they would of had a really good movie on their hands...