[OT]: "Triumph Of The Will" on DVD - Connoisseur/Meridian vs. Synapse

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[OT]: "Triumph Of The Will" on DVD - Connoisseur/Meridian vs. Synapse

Post by Valgamon » Thu Jun 28, 2001 8:32 am

Disclaimer up-front: I'm not a nazi.

Does anyone know which is the better version on DVD? Synapse's is more recent, so I'm inclined to think theirs is the way to go.

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bruce h
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Post by bruce h » Thu Jun 28, 2001 2:04 pm

Synapse's boasts a new windowboxed transfer from a fine grain print, newly translated (and easy to read) removable subtitles, a short film by Riefenstahl called Day of Freedom (i think) and a very interesting commentary track by some historian. i know the price is a bit higher (usually around $30) but in my opinion the additional material on the Synapse disc makes it worth it. plus i know Don had a lot of restoration work done to the print, and i'm sure it looks much better than the opposition.
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Post by Latte Thunder » Fri Jun 29, 2001 4:02 am

>>Disclaimer up-front: I'm not a nazi.<<

Nor am I but I am still interested as hell to see the movie that whipped Germany into a ultra-nationalistic frenzy.
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