The Bunker

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The Bunker

Post by DylanDog » Wed Jul 13, 2005 8:34 pm

This one's from a few years back, but I don't recall any threads about it. It's about a group of German soldiers in WWII who are forced to hole up in a fortified bunker where allegedly some plague infected villagers were once killed and buried. Believing the enemy is approaching from outside, they are forced to enter into the abandoned and presumably haunted tunnels in search of escape. The tension of the situation causes fear, paranoia, distrust and in some cases, downright mental craziness. I enjoyed it for the most part except I would have preferred a little less focus on the supernatural and more a look at the human condition in stressful situations. That and would it have killed these guys to at least try to sound German? When they said they were ambushed by the Americans, I thought it might be some "elseworlds" style story where we fought the British. Oh well, still a pretty good flick overall and one of the few horror movies set in wartime.

Btw, speaking of WWII, Hitler's latest video has been cracking me up the last couple of days....
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Post by Latte Thunder » Thu Jul 14, 2005 1:50 pm

I gave it a rental and fell asleep not five minutes into it. Not that it was boring, I was just tired. I had to take it back the next day.
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Chris Slack
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Post by Chris Slack » Fri Jul 15, 2005 7:56 am

This sound a LOT like "Death Watch" except with German soldiers instead of british soldiers...
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