All Night Long parts 1 and 3: Final Atrocity

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All Night Long parts 1 and 3: Final Atrocity

Post by Rich » Fri Oct 28, 2005 3:22 pm

Whoa nelly! What a crazy trilogy of films this turned out to be. The first is definitely my least favourite, really boring yet fascinating at the same time, it was obviously the building block for more extreme and messed up things to come with the sequels. The director always bases the movies around young disturbed youth and the despicable nature of human beings in general, what twisted creatures we are! As always the heroes are victims or turn into villians themselves brutally killing, raping and humiliating.

The original has three youths all down on their luck in one particular way, mostly with girls who witness a nasty stabbing mutilation of a young girl. One of the three finally establishes a relationship with a girl but to his dismay she's brutally raped and murdered by a psychotic gang guessed it, youths! The movie drags big time, very boring in spots but I'm assuming its building the feeling of utter despair for the characters. The three of them band together to bring the gang to justice but end up fucking themselves up big time in the process.

Part 3 is about a young kid who works in a sleazey motel whose mind is warped further by his co-workers. If cleaning up all the pubic hair and used condoms isn't bad enough he develops a penchant for collecting the garbage of a young girl who becomes his sick love interest. He puts all of her shit up on his apartments walls including used rag pads, hair and he even eats her leftover food almost making love to the shit. Man, this is some whacked out movie making! The end has the boy killing all those he feels have done himself and other people wrong but the kid is just as fucked up or worse than the wrong-doers. My fav scene is when he forces some school girls to play paper/rock/scissors to stay alive then blasts them in the face with a bullet. Sick, sick, sick. These films are disturbing but I recommend checking them out.