Gambling City, Sergio Martino gangster epic

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Gambling City, Sergio Martino gangster epic

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Different watching fare for yours truly. Beautifully shot and intriguing crime drama about a gambler who gets caught up in a mob ring and falls in love with a girl who happens to be the old lady of one of the mobsters (the mob bosses sons woman). This one kept me entertained, Sergio Martino has made some great flicks and this is a new one for me. Not a hell of a lot of action but a lot of great card playing and handling plus some cool "fuck you, I can bluff and beat your ass at the same time." moments. Dayle Haddon is fucking beautiful in this, not sure if I've seen her in anything else but man what a woman, worth watching the movie for, jay-sus.

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I just blind bought Your Vice Is An Unlocked Door and Only I Have The Key, I think it was my first experience watching a Martino movie. What a weird flick. It has some of the most intelligent and at the same time silly dialogue I've ever experienced. The plot makes no sense (another loosely based epic on Poe's "the black cat") and the flick is pretty hard to follow but it's just to dam fun to pass up! I couldn't stop waiting for Anita Strindberg's hair do to manifest itself into a village of elves. It was so bloody high and I'm talking feet, not inches!

Edwige Fenech is one hot chick who hasn't aged a bit. She's in the extras.

Aside from the dullest lesbian scene ever filmed and a cat that subliminaly cuts every so often, which is supposed to be scary but ends up looking cute and silly looking, the flick ain't half bad.

I gotta' love Martino's titles, man that guy needs help on selling a movie!

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