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Olaf Ittenbach, Legion,Riverplay and Schnass

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 5:28 pm
I saw Legion at the Fantasia film festival. THAT version at least had ONE thing going for it,gore. It's the worst of Ittenbach's films.His others are not high art, but are enjoyable on a pure gore/entertainment level. the Artisan version has whatever gore in it,(Mostly at the end) cut out. There's no Unrated version available, except on PAL. Seriously don't bother with either version. BAD acting,Bad Direction,Bad editing,Bad Characterizations,stupid plotting,the list goes on. Some semi cool gore effects and a cgi creature/vagina and 3 second demon transformation. This was a major disappointment.

In an interview with a writer and to certain Fantasia attendees Ittencbach cited tampering with the final cut of Legion by producers for how it came out. His latest released film Riverplay and is currently out in Germany.It's about a camping trip in the woods that goes awry. Sort of his take on deliverence. What little critque I've heard about it states that it's his best most fully realized film.

As for Andreas Schnass his current film Demonium is out on U.K PAL disc. It's reported not to be as gory as his previous works. Yeah, it is uncut, but it's unknown if he gave the U.K a softer version.Bigger budget,35mm,but people have said it's about the same mediocrity as his other stuff. You be the judge.