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Battle Royale! Survivor meets Columbine High!

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2001 7:15 am
by Latte Thunder
check this out! I've been drooling over this movie since I first read about it. It comes from Japan and the Japanese government is inches from banning it. The plot surrounds this middle school class that is forced by the government to wear these collars rigged with bombs and set them loose on an island with the objective of killing their classmates. The lone survivor gets to go home... and if there are more than one survivor when the time is up, all the collars explode. There's a trailer at the French Premier site that's in Japanese (surprise!) so you can't garner too much from it. The only english is when a teacher (presumably) yells "Battle Royal!!"

Supposedly there's also a movie made here in the US called Series 7 which is a spoof on Survivor where contestants go to an island and have to kill each other off for cash and prizes.

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2001 4:26 pm
by DylanDog
I've been hearing tons about this movie lately. Do you actually have a copy yet? When I first heard of it, I assumed it was a wrestling thing, maybe more Best Fighto!-type stuff. I would like to see this, but for some reason I don't have a particularly good feeling about it. I'm not sure why.

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Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2001 12:34 pm
by Latte Thunder
i've already got it on my wants list at my website but this movie is still in it's theatrical run in japan. i'm sure in a couple of months we'll be able to get some kind of a boot of it but as of right now, you'd probably have to find some kind of pirate VCD straight from asia.

it sounds like a hoot. i had read that it's based on some kind of twisted book that assumes that the Axis powers had won the second world war and Japan is some kind of world super power. it's deliberately not PC and it reeks of Fudoh.

I'd really love to get my hands on it, but it's like a lot of the movies on my wants list. i doubt i'll ever see any of them.

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2001 3:26 am
by Chris Slack
Caught this tonight and thought it was pretty darn good although it seemed to run a little too long to me. Nothing really shocking to my jaded senses but there was some decent violence as well as some good laughs. The acting was good, especially Beat Takeshi as a teacher. Check this out if it plays near you.

For those of you who are Usenet savvy and have a high speed connection (and a burner) someone is currently posting the VCD over 3 days to alt.binaries.vcd.

For those of you who have been living in a cave and know nothing of this film you can check out the web site (in Japanese of course) at

An old story from Time -

Oh yeah, no resemblance to Columbine High in this flick Image

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Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2001 2:15 pm
by Mike B
Yeah, I saw this last night, and while I liked it (Beat Takeshi is so awesome...), I expected to be a little more shocked by it.

Of course, that doesn't mean I didn't like the film, but that I didn't find it quite as intense or disturbing as everyone makes it out to be.

At any rate, I liked it way more than The Ring.

Mike B.

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2001 4:27 am
by Latte Thunder

I'll have to hit up that newsgroup and bag the movie.

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2001 8:28 am
by Griff [Mola]
Wow, watched the VCD of this tonight and while I didn't find it shocking or disturbing it was a whole shitload of fun. Haven't seen a movie in a long time that just grabs your attention at the very start and makes you think "I ain't goin' nowhere" like this one does. The way the kids interact and go about wiping each other out is craftily executed and had me chuckling all the way. And oh hey, was it just me or was one of the musical cues just a little too similar to Luke Skywalker's theme to be mere coincidence?

The quality of the VCD wasn't half bad for a change and although the subs weren't anything to write home about, I've definitely seen alot worse. Until an (affordable) DVD gets released, its worth picking up for a few measley Hong Kong pesos.

The good thing is that with school kids killing each other being such a taboo topic, I can't see Dreamworks remaking this one too soon.

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2001 1:21 pm
by Mike B
I knew it was gonna be good as soon as I saw the perky Japanese cheerleader chick on the rules video--that's just too surreal.

Mike B.

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2001 4:50 am
by DylanDog
Finally sat down and watched this the other night and I agree-that chick in the video ruled!! The film itself was pretty good, but didn't (and probably couldn't) live up to the hype. I really liked the idea of giving all the kids different packs of items to work with though. Of course the whole time I was watching it, I couldn't get my mind around the fact that the same guy directed "The Green Slime". It's still unbelievable to me. lol

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Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2001 1:54 pm
There's a sequal to this one. Battle Royale 2. It might premiere at the Toronto film festival this fall. If so,there might be a small theatrical release to follow,like the first.

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2001 10:37 pm
by Kimberly
I loved this one! What a fun movie! I especially loved the dark humor from Takeshi in it. The only thing was all the damn romance so to speak... I mean come on now... 9th graders and everyone's sooooo in love... the way they were carrying on about being in love and whatnot I thought I was watching a soap opera.. it did provide laughs for me though. Image