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Post by Griff [Mola] » Thu Aug 30, 2001 3:03 am

From Shusuke Kaneko (90's GAMERA, new GODZILLA, NECRONOMICON) comes this familiar scenario of a young lady, Junko, with the ability to set shit on fire using telekineses. Well, pyrokinesis. Naturally, she's a little resentful of this affliction but the affections of a goofy co-worker coerces her out of her social shell. Junko soon befriends his sister but their friendship is cut short when she's abducted by a van load of juvenile deliquints and given a shot at stardom in a snuff movie. Seems that alot of this kind of filmmaking has gone on lately and Junko sets out bring these miscreant kids down. This leads to a conspiracy, of course, and the cops are now after Junko who's been lighting fires all over Japan with enthusiastic aplomb. Let's go to ringside.

Well, the fire gags are pretty good. The CGI, spfx make-up and pyrotechics work together pretty well to produce some nice burnings. We get to see their screaming faces bloat and erupt into flames which is good. There's a couple of corker explosions too, if that's your bag. Kaneko delivers the goods with an energetic flair and, as usual, for at least a tenth of your average Hollywood budget.

The movie is, however, fairly mainstream and at times exercises considerable restraint, particularly in the snuff movie subplot. If you're looking for down and dirty chills, don't go there sister. There's some cheesy romanticism and a Japanimation-esque flavour throughout, with a few charred stiffs thrown in for good measure.

The VCD is nothing to write home about but it'll do. I doubt CROSSFIRE will set your pants on fire but there's enough cool wackiness to at least get your undies smouldering.

Smoke if you got 'em.

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