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Looking ahead to 2003

Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2003 1:53 pm
by Scott
Ok, so we're already a month into 2003 but after a 2002 was a dismal year for horror here's hoping thast 2003 goes better. A couple of these films were on my list last year and didn't get released.

MAY - I've heard some good reviews on this one. Anyone else seen it? Shame it's only got a limited release.

HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES - This was on my list last year. Looks like it's finally found a hope with Lion's Gate and is set for a release on April 11th. A lot of hype has gone into it with people comparing it to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It may be good it may not. Regardless, I'll give Rob Zombie credit for trying.

BLOOD FEAST - Was also on my list last year. H.G. Lewis is still searching for a distributor. Shame it will probably go diret-to-video.

HOUSE OF THE DEAD - I'm normally not too high on video game adaptations, but this one looks like it might work. Hey, with a cast that includes Clint Howard, Ellie Cornell, and Jurgen Prochnow, it certainly won't be another teen horror flick.

CLUB DREAD - Done by the Broken Lizard troupe. I was a little unsure about including this one since it seems like it will be more of a horror/comedy about a madman running amock on a resort island. Still, I was impressed with Super Troopers and I think they can pull this one off.

FREDDY VS. JASON - OK OK, I know I'm gonna take some heat for this one. Hey, it may totally suck. I'm not overly optimistic but as long as it has lots of blood and a high body count, I'll be well satisfied.

A few I forgot

Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2003 11:27 pm
by Scott
I actually forgot a few that I didn't mention earlier.

DREAMCATCHER - For Stephen King, Dreamcatcher was almost more sci-fi than horror, but that certainly doesn't diminish its quality. I read the book and think this could turn out to be quite a good one, if done properly. All the pieces are in place. A great cast that includes Morgan Freeman and a top notch director in Lawrence Kasdan.

IDENTITY - I hadn't heard of this one till I saw the trailer. Looks rather creepy. A group of random strangers get stranded in a cheap roadside motel during a driving rainstorm when someone starts killing them one by one.

WRONG TURN - For a while, I thought this was a dead project but filming is underway and a Halloween release date is targeted. I've heard this one often described as similar to Wes Craven's The Hills have Eyes. The plot is rather similar. A group of teens get lost in the backwoods only to be hunted down by cannibalistic mountain men.

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2003 9:10 pm
by Griff [Mola]
I'd add SPIDER to that list. Not a typical (Cronenberg) horror movie per se but certainly full of dread and remorse - which is more than I can say for your standard teen slasher flick nowadays. Virtually silent cinema story telling, I'm sure this'll divide audiences right down the middle and rightly so. Its not everyone's cuppa, guv.

Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2003 6:04 am
by Latte Thunder
I saw an ad last night for Dreamcatcher. Looks pretty bad-ass. Wish I knew more.