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Thou Shall Not Kill...Except DVD CUT?

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2001 6:17 am
I just scored the Thou Shall Not Kill DVD for 14 bucks U.S,new. I've always liked the movie,since I first saw it on the Prism VHS tape. But I seem to recall more carnage the first time around. Is Anchor Bay's version cut? I know there was an R-rated version, that was in theatres, in the 80s. It would be keeping with AB's policy of advertising uncut movies,when there not.

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2001 1:55 am
by violentm
Why the Hell does Anchor Bay do that??

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2001 11:46 am
by David Austin

After reading your message, I compared the AB DVD with a Starmaker Video EP tape that I picked up not long afterwards (the box art is priceless). Both clocked in at 84 minutes, which is the correct length. It could be a case of remembering more than what's really there (believe me, it's happened to me before...I remembered tons more violence in MAD MAX and PIECES before I saw those again).

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Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2001 3:24 pm
David,I understand where you're coming from,when you envision more violence than there really is.This could be such an instance. But someone told me that the Prism tape might actually run a little faster. Maybe it was transferred at a slightly faster speed to save tape?

The director on AB's commentary does state it's running time as 85 minutes. Guess he didn't know the actual length.But the Prism tape did have the infamous barf in the hat scene, intact.When the director Josh Becker said it was cut from all prints.

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