Test Drive Unlimited (Xbox 360)

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Test Drive Unlimited (Xbox 360)

Post by Chris Slack » Sat Sep 09, 2006 4:30 pm

I am taking a break since I have been playing this game since 9 this AM :) For the most part I prefer racing simulations like Forza, the Gran Turismo series and the Moto GP series. With that in mind I do like the occasional arcade-style racer which this game definitely is. This game is huge, it allows you to drive all over the island of Oahu with no loading unless you choose to participate in a race or one of the different driving missions. The missions are fun and so far the difficulty ramps up at a curve that seems to be just right for my liking. Another cool thing is that when you are cruising around the island so are tons of other people on Xbox Live. There are a bunch of different places on the island to participate in online races or you can simply drive up behind someone and flash your headlights to challlenge them. After both player decide on a monetary wager it's on, winner takes all. There are tons of ral cars and motorcyles available and you have to keep buying houses to accomodate your vehicles. Another great feature is the price, it retails for $39.95 rather than the usual 60 bucks. Enough said, I have to get back to racing :)
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