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Race With The Devil -roar'in good time, yeeee-hah!

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2005 6:30 am
by Rich
I started watching this being a bit of a skeptic although I love the road movie genre (Duel, hitch-hike, hitcher, easy-rider etc). It begins pretty lame with lame and uninteresting characters but by the time the chase gets going you really start rooting for the lame characters. I decided to give this a chance after reading a review in Rue Morgue, the only decent horror oriented rag I can find (besides the expensive and uninformative Fangoria) around these parts.

Basically a couple of good old boys played by Peter Fonda and Otis somebody take a vacation/road trip in january (????) in a decked out RV with their wives to only accidently witness a satanic sacrifice and become prey to a big cult conspiracy. It seems there is nowhere to turn without the crazies stalking, chasing or fucking with them. The "top of the line" RV plays a big role in this one and "it even has a microwave built in!". The chase at the end is cool but the ending really pissed me off at first, then it sorta grew on me and made sense. R.G. Armstrong is a sheriff in this one, what a great character actor man, he was great in The Hills Have Eyes and Evilspeak as the drunken burnt out sergeant. My final verdict is this one is worth watching, buying, stealing, downloading etc one of the best and fun 70's drive in flicks.

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2005 7:24 am
by llapman
I totally agree, this is great stuff. I saw this as a kid in the 70's at the drive in, and although it's PG, it still rocks. The bad news: a remake will be released in 2006, but it will be rated R, so it might be worth a look,