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Who saw My Little Eye?

Posted: Fri Dec 16, 2005 6:36 pm
by DylanDog
I don't remember any posts about this movie so I'm just curious what you guys who may have seen it thought? It gets pretty bad reviews on the whole on the imdb, but I must say that I really enjoyed it. Sure, it borrows from numerous sources (namely, Blair Witch, House Of Haunted Hill, Scream, The Shining...), but it worked for me. I honestly thought it was a straight to video movie, but apparently it had a very brief cup of coffee theatrically. I don't remember a year end review from Remo though. Any thoughts?

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 11:47 am
by Kimberly
I enjoyed it quite a bit...

Besides, how can you not like a movie that features a song by Peaches? :)

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 1:47 pm
by DylanDog
Actually, I fucking HATE Peaches!! My friend sent me a copy of that album and I was like "Why the hell did you think I'd like this crap?" So for me, that was the worst part of the movie.

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 7:53 pm
by Remo D
Yeah, no year-end review from me, because it never played theatrically in my area. Caught up with it much later on cable, actually--and I thought I threw a comment or two in on it around here.

Nevertheless, I quite enjoyed it--another nice, disturbing, "every time you think you have it figured out" thriller with no cheese-out compromises. The less said, the better, if it hasn't been spoiled already.

'Fraid my year-end review this time won't be comprehensive, either. Plenty of stuff never played for me (VENOM comes to mind, and I bet WOLF CREEK ain't gonna happen, either. Don't really care that I missed STAY, though)--and I'm afraid it's getting more and more difficult for me to make it out to the movies. I'll keep trying, but I'll beg your forgiveness in advance if things start getting "spotty" on this end...