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Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 2:03 pm
by DylanDog
A HK thriller about a cop who pays far more attention to his work than his wife. In fact, he leaves her in the car in mid-conversation to try to help with a shootout that is taking place in the street. In the gunfire, she is shot and goes into a 3 week coma. Upon awakening, she sees ghosts in her apartment. You guessed it, Ring-inspired ghosts. But from there the movie doesn't go quite where you may think. The supernatural lingers around the precedings, but the story is mostly about a serial killer whose crimes the wife foresees and the husbands efforts to track him/her down. There's a couple of shock scares, some decent bloodshed, a mystery and some minor comedic touches all held together nicely by the ever present, but never overbearing romantic side of the story. There's a pretty cool shot of a car teetering on the edge of a highway and the ending is more than satisfying. In fact, I thought the whole movie got better and better as it went. I was more than prepared for the same old asian horror crap when it started, but ended up really liking it.

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 5:24 am
by Latte Thunder
Is this one also called Shutter? I think I remember seeing news about it over at Twitch Film and they seemed to like it a lot.

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2006 11:23 am
by DylanDog
Nope, different movie. Though I actually just got Shutter in the mail today too so I'll let you know how that one is.